Single Loop $155.00

Double Loop $195.00

Added fun for your event!

Quick and easy to install!

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For additional fun following your race, add Super Loop! This insert is available in a two loop design for 3, 4, 6, and 8 lane tracks, or a one loop design for any size track.

Please note that if you start your race in lanes 1 and 3 that the cars end up in lanes 2 and 4 unless you offset the section after the loop.

Installs easily in minutes, and is usually placed right after the curve section. The Super Loop is constructed from a new custom extrusion to allow us to form the loop.

We suggest using the loop after your main race to add more fun to your event.

Not all cars will make it through the loop. Any car with a long front or rear overhang may rub on the center guides.  Cars can be modified by narrowing the front and rear of the car to stay between the center guides, or by slanting the front and rear of the car to clear the guides.  A second set of wheel mounting holes in the body of your car allows the wheels to be moved towards the front and rear of the car, which will allow the car to make the loop.

The Super Loop and the Lift Kit should not be used together. The Lift Kit legs easily screw off to allow use of the Super Loop.

The Super Loop is not recommended for trophy cars or any car that a person wants to keep in perfect condition. This loop is intended for cars that will not be used in additional races, as cars may incur damage if they don't make the loop.

Priced at only $155.00 for a single loop or $195.00 for a double loop!