If you have any questions regarding the use or need of added accessories to BestTrack®, please contact us at 641-585-2299 or by email at sales@besttrack.com


Do NOT use any device directly attached to the track that uses 110V power or higher. Use only devices with 24V DC or less that run off of a wall mounted or stand alone UL listed power supply to reduce the voltage.
Remote Start Gates
Remote start gates add a level of fun and excitement to your Pinewood Derby Race
allowing the start gate to be activated with the push of a button
Purchase remote start gates directly from the manufacturer's websites below.


Electromagnetic Starting System

Engineered to work with any of the Aluminum "BestTrack" Models

1 lane 20' test tracks all the way up to the 8 lane 49' Speedways

If you already own a "Besttrack" or thinking of getting one, this System will work for you

Comes complete with all the necessary hardware... No additional parts to modify or purchase

Only 1 drilled hole is needed to hook up the linkage... Easy installation... up and running in a short time

Comes in 3 Anodized and Etched Colors..... Black, Blue and Red 

Click pictures above for more information.


When plugging in your Champ Timer, make sure you use the 12V DC power supply that is provided with the Champ Timer.

Caution: Use caution if using a remote start gate that has a higher than 12V voltage power supply.  If you mistakenly use the higher than 12V voltage power supply for the timer, it may burn out the timer circuit board.  If you are using a remote start gate with a higher voltage power supply, be sure you clearly label the power supplies for each product.

Our Champ Timer is designed for use with a low voltage power supply. 


Please contact us at 641-585-2299 if you have any questions regarding the operation of the Champ Timer.