The 'Original' BestTrack Stop System

Patent #7,270,279

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4 lane stop section



Wheels suspended in mid-air.


The 40" long patented stop section consists of a special section of track with a high friction foam rubber stopping pad in the center of the lane. The cars glide off of the last section of track onto the special stop section extrusion, leaving the wheels suspended in the air, usually stopping in 9" - 12".  Some tracks use a foam "garage" which probably works fine for some cars but could potentially rip off side mirrors, antennas or other fine details that some racers detail their car with. Still others have a similar system with a wedge to lift the car, possibly throwing the car off of the track. BestTrack's 'original' patented stop section has won rave reviews from anyone who has tried it. Our patented stopping system is the absolute safest, surest system on the marketAny similar stop section is just an imitation.