BestTrack Space Derby Tracks         

Start Tower

Our 4 lane Space Derby  Track is designed with fairness & fun in mind. The start gate will hold the wound up rocket propellers and rockets in place, releasing them all at the same time. Stands at both ends of the track hold the race lines under equal tension. 

Finish Tower

Complete with start tower, start gate, and finish tower with weight straps.
All for only
$260.00 plus shipping!


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Weights, Rocket Kits and Space Derby  Accessory Kit sold separately.
See below.

Additional items you will need:

1.  You will need to purchase a Space Derby  Accessory Kit which includes 300 feet of spooled monofilament line for the track, four space derby carriers, and a swivel snap to prevent the line from coiling. You will also need Space Derby rocket kits. These items are available from your local Scout supplier or the BSA website at:

2.  Four 10 lb Olympic style barbell plate weights and two 5 lb Olympic style barbell plate weights. Be sure that they have the large 2 inch “Olympic” style hole through the middle. These are used to hold the stands in place and to also add tension to the racing lines. Because of the shipping charges that would be incurred, it is more economical for you to purchase these weights locally.  These weights are available from discount stores such as Wal-Mart and Fleet Farm.


Click here to download the Space Derby Track assembly manual.


Looking for an electronic finish for your Space Derby track?
Check out the electronic timer from the following manufacturers:

Some ideas about winders:

Our local pack uses a hand drill to speed up winding while still being able to count turns of the crank to keep things fair. We use a Fiskars hand drill shown on Amazon at the following link:

To hook up to the propeller we use a small block of hard wood with 2 cup hooks as shown. There is also a #10-24 bolt that goes through the hole in the wood with a nut on the back side which is then inserted in the drill.


Amazon has one below that has a counter and is battery operated. I have not tested this one out, but from the reviews it eats up batteries.

Here is another hand operated winder: