BestTrack Storage Box Plans

Use the drawings below as a guide to build a storage box to protect and store your BestTrack Pinewood Derby Track. The plans are designed to allow your track to grow without building a new box. One box will accommodated a 2 or 3 lane track. Two boxes will be needed for a 4, 6 or 8 lane track. (The plans will need to be modified to accommodate 8 lane tracks by adding 7" to the width of the box.) We suggest 2 boxes for the larger tracks for ease of handling. Many of our groups have put casters on one box so that they can roll them when stacked.

Feel free to modify the design as you wish. Some groups have built and painted the storage box as a Cub Scout or youth project. (Note: If you have trouble opening the pdf files below, be sure that you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed. Sometimes it works better to "right click" and do a "Save Target As" to save the file on your hard drive before opening it.)

Click the image above to download storage box plans.

Click the image above to download storage box plywood layout.



Packing the storage boxes:

We recommend that you interleaf two track sections underside to underside, then layer the interleafed sections in the box with a piece of cardboard or foam sheeting between them. This will protect the racing surface of one interleafed section from rubbing on the racing surface of the next interleafed section.  You can then place the curve section, face down, at one end of the box with the stop section beside it. The stand can be placed on top of the stop section.

4-lane packed track example

4-Lane Packed Track

3-lane packed track example

3-lane packed track